The Schÿler family took ownership of the estate in 1925. “Schröder & Schÿler” had been Bordeaux wine merchants for four generations and knew the chateau’s wines well and already sold them. From this point on, Kirwan’s history and development were determined by Armand Schÿler’s family and his descendants, who have all striven in their own way and depending on the circumstances of their time, to promote the property’s reputation.

From 1955 to 1967, Jean-Henri Schÿler dedicated his efforts to restoring the vineyard, improving the soil, re-designing the drainage and replanting everywhere it was necessary. This work, together with the creation of the Margaux appellation in 1954, brought new life to the estate and strengthened its reputation.

His children, Sophie, Nathalie and Yann, who represent the 8th generation and who direct the property today, perpetuate the heritage. They have brought Kirwan into the 21st century by building a new cellar, inaugurated in 2017. These premises are designed to enhance the transfer of knowledge, while constantly seeking perfection. This is a powerful symbol of the Schÿler family’s vision for the estate that it has watched over for almost a century.