Guided tours

Since the beginning, Château Kirwan has always been a terroir of great wines and an estate renowned for its hospitality. Today, the first contact for visitors is the voice of the virtual guide speaking from the tablet made available for tours. They respond to its invitation and wander freely about the wooded park in front of the chateau. Moving from the light breeze rustling the leaves of the giant hornbeams and the birdsong to the competing more distant echoes of vineyard work, they gradually acclimatise to the estate’s musical accompaniment.

Château Kirwan’s history is told as visitors tour the gardens: how the estate was built, the vine’s growth cycle, anecdotes and secrets accompany them as they walk. In the Cellar, a human guide awaits them and their exploration continues in the calm of the cellars and vathouse, disturbed only by the films illustrating life on the estate. As they sit on benches up on the footbridge that runs over the tops of the tanks, they have a commanding view of the different parcels of this amazing Margaux vineyard, while they hear the stories told in music and voice.

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