The cellar

The new cellar is a work of art conceived by Kinga and Anatoly Stolnikoff that contrasts pairings and disparities. Its monumental entrance features a sculpted steel arabesque entitled “Noah’s vine”. It leads to a modern, breathtakingly vast nave-like hall that towers above and joins the original buildings, housing the vathouse and cellars.

As you gradually get used to the soaring dimensions, you cannot fail to notice the strikingly horizontal lines of barrels and the contrastingly vertical metal pillars, which like trees, reach up and support the roof panels of this pagan temple, built to celebrate the craft of winemaking. In the vathouse, the thirty-seven tulip-shaped receptacles, made of lustreless concrete and designed to meet the requirements of each vineyard parcel, display fascinating sobriety. Their sensuous curves invite the eye to ogle.

Other pieces stand out in this emporium of technical equipment and materials that are there to ensure meticulous, natural and uniform vinification. These immense premises hold other lures for contemplation. The bright red of a canvas at the entrance catches the visitor’s eye, which then refocuses on the transparency and gilded detail of an antique mirror, while upstairs resides a scrupulously laid table.

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