Let the wine’s tears trickle down the inside of the glass and breathe in. Its personality becomes apparent at the first breath: fruity, floral, spicy or mineral. Then in contact with the air, its aromas are gradually released and the impressions become finer. On the second breath, the wine’s contours become clearer. It expresses its fragrance and demonstrates its complexity. Its portrait is painted from a palette of aromas.

At Château Kirwan, the great wines display fruity aromas. The dominant notes vary depending on weather conditions, the mysteries of blending and the alchemy of ripening; sometimes black berries, sometimes red, redcurrant, blackcurrant, blackberry or black cherry. In these very first moments before the wine is even tasted, there are also spicy hints of grey or white pepper with sweet notes of vanilla, liquorice or cinnamon, depending on the years.

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