HISTOIRE D'UNE VOCATION INTERNATIONALE Domaine développé par trois familles inscrites dans l'Histoire des grands vins de Bordeaux.
  • …Kirwan has always been
    an international label

    The history of this estate, built all in one piece, begins with the famous English merchant Sir John Collingwood, one of the first négociants in history.

    For nearly a century he reigned over the noble "de Lasalle" land, acquired in 1751 and adjoining the Ganet property. On this estate with its 40 acres (16 hectares) of vines, he watched the dazzling rise of Bordeaux wines, highly esteemed by His Majesty in London. This craze was particularly beneficial for the noble growths of Cantenac, Margaux, which became the most renowned Médoc wines. Fit to age and to grow finer over the years, they sold for a considerable price.

    Settling in the region, Mark Kirwan - an Irishman from a family of merchants ? became part of the estate's history by marrying one of the daughters of Sir John Collingwood. In 1760 he inherited the estate, already renowned in Europe.

  • Taking the reins, he united the "de Lasalle" and Ganet lands, building a one-storey Charterhouse and lending his name to the vineyard so that merchants would be better able to identify and market the wines.

    Thomas Jefferson, then Ambassador of the United States in France, visited the Bordeaux vineyards in May 1787. He was not only the future president of the United States, but the greatest emissary of Bordeaux wines. In his travel diary and his book "Jefferson on Wine", he elevated Kirwan wine - then spelled "Quirouen" - to second classified growth, making it much more recognizable on the far shores of the Atlantic.

    The heirs of the Kirwan family sold the estate in 1827 , in the midst of a severe economic crisis after the upheavals of the Revolution and the First Empire.

    The wine's notoriety was confirmed by brokers in the Bordeaux financial market who were ordered by Napoleon III to select the finest samples of Médoc for the 1855 World's Fair. This official ranking placed Kirwan at the head of Médoc Third Great Growths, once again highlighting the exceptional and authentic character of its terroir.

  • After a period of instability, the owner of Château Kirwan and mayor of Bordeaux Camille Godard left the estate to the city, which used it for a time as a hotel and reception venue. It then became the property of the Schÿler family, whose family trading house had already been distributing the wine for several years. The Schÿler family traces it roots back to the Hanseatic League through d'Armand Schÿler fourth generation of the merchant family that settled in Bordeaux in 1739. His son Mark maintained the estate's commercial activities in Northern Europe and opened Central European markets thanks to a first-rate "art-deco" advertising campaign.

    During the second half of the 20th century his grandson Jean Henri expanded into the North American and Japanese markets.

    Today, Château Kirwan enjoys ideal visibility on the international market, and especially among new consumers, curious, demanding and open to the wide universe of wine. From the beginning, Kirwan has been perpetuating a tradition of conquering world markets. The estate also testifies to the loyalty of its owners, driven by vocation to transmit their passion. They all brought the estate into a new dimension, indispensable for heralding the purity of wines that unite traditional savoir-faire, an exceptional terroir and great stories in every bottle.