Dans l'intimité de Château Kirwan Visites & réceptions personnalisées. Une tradition chère à Kirwan.

Since the era of Godard, Kirwan's hospitality has enjoyed a special reputation: at Kirwan, the house takes after the wine, reflecting discrete grace and charms.

Its doors are wide open. Visitors to the estate are invited to take advantage of an elegant, romantic and luxurious setting to learn about wine-tasting. They can also discover a superb park and the wafting scents of flowering rosebushes that evoke other aromas: those of the wine to come.

Kirwan offers everything: new encounters to be shared and enjoyed, discoveries around a country table, over cocktails in the château or feasting on local specialties. Among Kirwan's many amenities are a lush and intimate drawing room, the majestic Orangerie, and of course the Portrait Hall, the private dining room and the professional tasting room. The senses soar and the pleasures of true art de vivre come alive.

At the heart of Margaux, there is always room at the Kirwan table: all of the choice delicacies highlight an exceptional wine, fruit of the elegance of the Margaux appellation and the authenticity of the Kirwan terroir.