un margaux de référence Toute l'élégance de l'appellation s'exprime dans le terroir d'exception de Château Kirwan
  • Situated on the Cantenac Plateau, overlooking the Garonne River, the terroir of Kirwan displays its uniqueness as the pride of the Margaux appellation.

    The richness and personality of a soil created over more than two million years by the accumulation of Pyrenean gravel, together with the climate and the flora, make up the precious DNA of the estate. Over time, mankind has learned to develop and communicate knowledge, discovering ways to innovate so as to better express the originality and authenticity of the Château Kirwan terroir.

    With approximately 100 acres (40 hectares) of vineyard composed of 46 distinct plots, Kirwan continuously enhances the rich potential of its terroir. We adapt our viticulture to our soil and climate. Located at the gravelly summit of Cantenac, along the river born of thousands of years of erosion, this terroir expresses and reveals its geological riches. A pedological study recently conducted to better understand the composition of the soil confirmed the central role of gravel. Facilitating drainage and warming the soil, it increases the penetration depth of the roots. Clay captures water and preserves its freshness, maintaining much-deeded moisture during heat waves and periods of drought.

  • The foundation:
    Cabernet Sauvignon, king of grapes in Médoc

    A rather late ripening variety, it accounts for 45% of the Kirwan vineyard and thrives best on gravel-based soil, the first to absorb the spring warmth. Although fickle in yield, it gives the wine its structure, forming small, thick-skinned grapes. As it ages, it reveals superbly delicate aromas and a marvelous complexity.

    Elegance of lines: Captivating because of its early development,
    Merlot offers fresh, intense and succulent fruit.

    Merlot comprises 30% of the Kirwan vineyard and thrives on more varied soils. In the temperate climate of our region, Merlot grows well on sandy or clay-based land, colder or more humid. It can also grow on gravelly soil, becoming more delicate, whereas on clay it produces a more potent wine.

    It is often more accessible than Cabernet Sauvignon when young, and like its neighbor it grows finer with age for decades.

  • An Essential element of structure:
    Cabernet Franc brings balance to the blend, combining the succulence of Merlot and the delicacy of Cabernet Sauvignon.

    Planted on only 15% of the vineyard, it is highly recommended for argilo-calcareous (clay/limestone) soils, where it produces delicate wines with aromas of fresh fruit.

    Petit Verdot, the added value of the blend

    Although it occupies only 10% of our vineyard;this variety-rare
    in Bordeaux as it matures later and is difficult to grow?is making a comeback in Médoc.

    At Kirwan, we pay particular attention to Petit Verdot,
    and ever since we mastered the technique it reaches complete maturity and adds complexity to every blend.