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April 2016


2015, a long-awaited vintage... and mostly welcome

After complicated years in 2011, 2012 and 2013, then very encouraging in 2014, we now have this great vintage that will delight all connoisseurs of Bordeaux.
One of the highlights of the vintage, above all in Margaux: it was the driest year since 2005. Just 214 mm of rainfall in the whole vine season, from April to September, and just 504 mm in the whole year.
With good reserves from the winter, the soil resisted the dryness in spring and summer until the month of August. Water stress was essential in stopping early the growth of the vines. At the same time vines had to face up to a heat wave in July (24 days >25°C, of which 10> 30°C). At the end of July, like the winegrowers, they went on holiday. It was their own way of standing up to the dryness and heat. In fact the veraison was late. It was only at the beginning of August, on 7th to be more exact, after the first real rain of the season (15mm) that it took off, finally enabling ripening to take place.
Six weeks later, on 18 September, we started to pick the merlot 22 days later, in other words on 9 October, we celebrated the end of the harvest, happy in the knowledge that we had made our contribution to something special.
We will not forget this vintage too soon, as it is the first in our new fermenting room – an important investment in the life of a property, carefully considered, and in line with our ambitions for quality.

The grapes are harvested into crates, each holding 6 kg, and then poured into 37 vats (for the 37 Ha). It is the concrete chosen for these tulip-shaped vats that enables very sweet and precise vinification, perfectly suitable for our selection by plots of land.
2015, like all great harvests, was a success in terms of balance. The alcohol content (reaching 13.9%) is imperceptible, perfectly balanced by a refreshing natural acidity (pH 3.7) and a moderate amount of tannins (IPT 65). These tannins give the wine a deeply velvety thickness. The whole is wonderfully fruity, refined, gourmet, much more tactile than full bodied, a true Margaux!
Come and form your own opinion! Philippe Delfaut

BLEND: 50% Cabernet Sauvignon - 35% Merlot - 10% Cabernet Franc - 5% Petit Verdot